The Acorn is a product of Simpson College students in Indianola, Iowa. The Acorn is a satirical publication and the views expressed do not belong to the students, faculty or staff of Simpson College. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at simpsonacorn@gmail.com or contact our co-founders: Nick Hermon & Robert Lyons (robert.lyons@my.simpson.edu)


“The Acorn,” Simpson’s Newest (& Nuttiest) Continuously Published Student Satirical Newspaper

Text below from: Simpson Website on 9/15/15:

A tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree and a joke in a Beginning Newswriting course can turn into a highly successful student-run satirical online publication. At least, that has been the case at Simpson.

“The Acorn,” lovingly referred to as “Simpson’s Nuttiest News Source” by its readers, is the brainchild of senior Nick Hermon and junior Robert Lyons. Started as a joke by the two for an assignment in their Beginning Newswriting course in October of last year, the publication soon became reality and attracted both readers and staff.2015-04-18_09-00-35

Zombie squirrels, cocaine snow and Donald Trump’s squirrel toupee are just a few of the many diverse topics that “the Acorn” has covered in its first year of publication. Students, at first confused about what exactly “the Acorn” was, have taken a great liking to the new publication.

Boasting a staff of over 20 dedicated writers, editors, graphic artists and videographers, “the Acorn” is set to take Simpson by storm over the course of the next year. “The Acorn” already boasts a website,Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel and is hoping to start a monthly newspaper later this semester.

“The Acorn” is no slouch when it comes to marketing either. Whether pranking alumni with stories about online voting for new mascots (Mr. Simpson the Goat anyone?) or confusing students with emails offering SQRL-101 (Novelty Squirrel Taxidermy) as a May Term class option, “the Acorn” is always keeping things fresh with their outreach.

Lyons, “the Acorn’s” Editor-in-Chief, and Hermon, “the Acorn’s” Chief-of-Graphics, have worked hard to create an atmosphere where contributors feel welcome to share their zany ideas and collaborate with one another. Both of the co-founders also emphasize the importance of their satirical publication as a means of generating both humor and discussion at Simpson.

According to Facebook analytics, content released from “the Acorn” (which has a little over 450 likes) is now reaching on average between 1,500 and 3,000 people per story and getting anywhere from 250 to 500 reads/views. These are phenomenal numbers for “the Acorn” which will be celebrating the anniversary of its first post on October 14th.

One thing is for sure, “the Acorn” will continue to grow and make Simpson a more comedic and satirical place. Stay nutty my friends.

Website – http://simpsonacorn.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/simpsonacorn

Twitter – @TheSimpsonAcorn

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzRkdgMSag1SxOBbsZVrCtA

Contact Us! – robert.lyons@my.simpson.edu

Also, check out our first Year in Review— https://simpsonacorn.com/2015/05/26/year-of-the-acorn/


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