Pfeiffer cafeteria to implement zero calorie policy for all food served

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SIMPSON — In a bold attempt to get more students to eat at Pfeiffer cafeteria, Sodexo dining services has decided to remove the calories from all of the food served there.

“It’s still basically the same kind of food, just without the calories,” said Mindy Murphy, the general manager of Sodexo dining services on campus. “That means students will still be able to eat a satisfying meal, but now they won’t feel any guilt when they go back for seconds or thirds.”

Murphy also said Sodexo will experiment with a few meals that will lack things like sodium, carbohydrates, fat and cholesterol.

“Those types of meals are still in the early stages,” she said, saying Sodexo is still waiting on approval from the FDA.

Dining services hopes the new zero-calorie food will improve Pfeiffer’s reputation and increase its average crowd size. However, some students still remain wary of the cafeteria.

“I don’t really know how zero calorie food works, but it sounds kind of impossible,” said junior Jimmy Johnson. “Besides, the more calories food has, the better it’s supposed to taste, right? And even with calories, Pfeiff food has already permanently traumatized my taste buds.”

The athletic department is also skeptical of the switch to no calorie meals, saying the drop in calorie intake will make it harder for student athletes to stay energized for practices and games.

“A calorie is like fuel for the body. Without fuel, how can I expect my players to focus and perform well?” asked head football coach Matt Jeter.

Despite the criticism, Sodexo intends to implement the zero-calorie policy at the start of Spring 2018.

At press time, Sodexo representatives recommended that students eager to eat at Pfeiffer and experience no calorie gain to just eat there as usual. They confirmed that Pfeiffer meals don’t typically stay down long enough for calories to last long anyway.

By Paul Randalson



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