President Simmons and Jenné to host Whine and Cheese social for Simpson seniors

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SIMPSON — President Jay Simmons understands the struggles seniors go through in late April.  That is why he and his wife, Jenné, announced they will be hosting a Whine and Cheese night at 6 p.m on Thursday at their house. The event will be a safe space for seniors to whine about any aspect of life that is rapidly becoming too real, while eating as much cheese as humanly possible.

With finals, figuring out how to pay your own phone bill, getting a job, paying off debts they thought would never catch up to them, finding a place to live that allows pets — it’s all too much. 

Earlier this week, Student Development released a graph — pictured above — that depicts seniors’ stress levels based on empirical data.  

As a former college student, President Simmons empathizes with those awaiting graduation in just a few days, and encourages seniors to relieve some of their stress through whining.

Whining is an essential component in maintaining one’s mental health. President Simmons will be patiently awaiting the whining of anyone who attends, and will even lend his shoulder to cry on if needed, our sources confirmed.

By Katie Platts

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