ResLife Opens ARMC as New Housing Option for Music Majors


SIMPSON – As juries rapidly approach, an exciting new housing option is now available for music majors inside the Amy Robertson Music Center.

Music majors can now eat, sleep, and live in their favorite practice room 24/7. Furnishings include an old piano of questionable intonation, a matching piano bench, one or two plastic red chairs, and at least one music stand which may or may not stay up when adjusted. The state of the piano and music stand are dependent on student housing lottery numbers and room selection.

Director of Residence Life Luke Behaunek’s announcement was well received with the musicians, who already spend countless hours shut away in the confined spaces in frantic preparation for their juries. Now the students never need to leave the music building, and can practice constantly.

Students residing in the ARMC are not required to pay for a meal plan, as “music is the food of love” and should be an adequate diet for a musician, in conjunction with water.

Deb Terry, the Faculty Services Secretary within the music building, has been hired to fulfil the roll of the CA. With a reputation for keeping everything in the department organized and running smoothly, Behaunek decided she would be the perfect fit for the position.

Students can move in as soon as they are approved, and applications will be accepted until all available rooms are filled. For more information and a PDF of the application, visit the Simpson ResLife page.

By Rachel Shapiro
Special Thanks to Photo Model Kylie Burmeister

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