Jay Simmons to make appearance at Dance Marathon


SIMPSON —President Simmons has confirmed his plans to attend Dance Marathon, which is to be held in the Black Box Theatre all day tomorrow, Feb. 18.  Stormathon invited President Simmons to lead the Morale Dance scheduled for the afternoon, an invitation to which he enthusiastically agreed.

“You can be darn sure I’ll be there!” Simmons said while stretching his legs before launching into a practice dance routine in anticipation of the event. “I just sure hope nobody’s gonna be put to shame by my sweet moves.  After all, it’s for an admirable charity cause, not a competition.”

Since the Marathon lasts from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Morale Dance is performed every hour, on the hour, as a way to lift everyone’s dancing spirits.

Hold on to your fanny packs, folks, because Simmons has given the Acorn exclusive access to his wardrobe choice for the Big Event. As many of our readers know, Jay Simmons is directly related to Richard Simmons, the star of too many exercise videos to count.  Richard has agreed to let President Simmons borrow his leotard for Workout Hour, scheduled for 2 p.m., when the president will be leading the Morale Dance.

“Richard and I go way back,” President Simmons said. “He basically taught me everything I know about getting down and funky.”

If anyone is interested in seeing President Simmons bust a move on stage, stop by Dance Marathon in the Black Box tomorrow. Registration is still open, and donations are always welcome. All proceeds go toward the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital that just opened in Iowa City.  President Simmons is doing it #ForTheKids and so should you!

By Katie Platts

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