Petting 100 Dogs: Kayley Zimmerman’s Simpson Success Story


Junior Kayley Zimmerman has finally found her success at Simpson. “It took a lot of time and was difficult to finish,” Zimmerman eagerly stated, “but I’m so glad I can finally say that I did it: I finally managed to pet 100 dogs on campus!”

Zimmerman set the goal her first year on campus. “It was the first week, I was eating lunch in Tyler’s, and that’s when I saw it, the most perfect puppy I had ever seen.”

Naturally, her first instinct was to run outside and pet it, which is exactly what she did, “I ran out the door and gave that pup the best petting of its life.”

When she was done, she knew she had sparked something deep within her. “After that, I knew it was my goal.  I became obsessed and ran after any dog I saw.”

In the end, her efforts paid off. She reached 100 dogs and has made lifelong friends in the process. “I know all of the names of each dog, as well as their owners.  It has all been worth it.  I regret nothing.”

Zimmerman is now being recognized as one of Simpson’s most successful students. President Simmons recently released a statement where he said, “For her to accomplish such an amazing feat in such a short amount of time is mighty impressive.”

Some are now wondering: What’s next for Kayley?  According to her, “I’m going to see what happens next, but I hope I can just pet dogs everywhere I go.  Maybe even start on cats as well, just for a challenge.  But this won’t be the last you see of me,” she said while googling the nearest animal rescue center. “I’ll be around.”

One thing she hopes readers will take away from learning about her accomplishment is the importance of following their dreams. “Don’t let them just stay dreams.  Just do it!”

Reporter: Stevie Frank

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