Professors Surprised to Discover Students Not at Standing Rock Indian Reservation


SIMPSON/N. DAKOTA – Students have been “checking in” on Facebook to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation throughout the week  causing massive confusion with professors and class attendance rosters.

The in-support-of check-in has been popular this month in light of the recent pipeline construction happening in North Dakota. Students check in to the protest movement even when not there in order to confuse authorities who were using Facebook to target protesters.

Unfortunately, professors didn’t get the memo. Professor Mark Siebert has been repeatedly startled throughout the week to find all of his students in their seats for classes.

“I thought no one would be in class,” said a befuddled looking Siebert as he double- and triple-checked Facebook. “They all put on Facebook that they were in North Dakota so I assumed they really were there. Guess I should stop believing everything online…”

Siebert isn’t alone in his confusion as all professors have been in disarray during the week. Are students here or aren’t they? Students have continued to check in and it will only get worse and more confusing from here on out as the battle of the pipeline continues.

Reporter: Stevie Frank

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