The Falls You Need to Take Over Fall Break

As you all have noticed, Fall Break is  here! I know that sometimes too much free time can be overwhelming. Here is a list of fun things you can do this wonderful break to fill your time!

  1. Fall asleep.


As many people say, “sleep is for the weak.” I completely disagree. If sleep is for the weak, I don’t want to be strong.

  1. Fall down the stairs.


Break a leg.

  1. Fall into a pile of leaves.


If you’re staying on campus, there are lots of leaves. Who doesn’t love falling into a pile of leaves?!

  1. Fall off the top bunk.


It happens.

  1. Grades fall due to a decrease in studying and an increase in non-studying.


Statistically, the amount of homework the average college student does during fall break is  3.2%. Trust me. I’m a Math major.

  1. Fall in love with every male lead in Grey’s Anatomy.


According to, it takes 11.5 days to watch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but according to me it only takes 4.7 episodes to fall in love with it.

  1. Fall onto a plane to the Bahamas and never come back.


We can dream.


If you fall during this much needed fall break, remember to take some time on your Ride with 21 Pilots.


By Katie Platts

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