Acorn Alliterations

Script & Video Editing By: Nick Hermon

Actors: Kayley Zimmerman & Robert Lyons


Acorn alliterations are always awesome, accurate, and annoyingly alphabetical…

Boys believe Barker babes beat Buxton beauties… Butttttt Barker babes believe books break brains.

Carver’s Craven computer courses cause creative chaos

Dyer’s dictating, dares dancers “Don’t drop dat Dunt-in Dunn”

Everhart, Epperson, Eckerty, eradicated everyone

Fatty freaking french fries fuel Freshman fifteen for flex.

Gammon, Groben, Green gladiator grappled.

Hadden, Hahn, Harrigan, Hayes hoop’n Hopper

I’m ill. I’m ingenious. I intellectually ignore idiots involving issues.

Jones’ (judgmental) judicial jury justifies jailed jurisdiction.

Kent’s kickoff kicks Kresges kids’ keisters

Little lions literally licks Lyons long legs

McMillan manually managed McNeil marrying MaryBerry matrimony

Noblest Nostralas nib nay nunnery

Orthodoxes open outside opportunities on offensive opposition

Proctor picked’a peck’a pickled peppers per Pfeiffer

Quick quizzes question quality questioning

Really rare riddling rhymes reconcile rhetorical rapping.

Simpson squirrels staying strange.
Simmons says Simpson’s safe.
Sodexo saves Simpson students stomachs
Smith seminars scare students
Secondhand Simpsonian screams satirical segments seem stupid.

Teachers think taco Tuesday tastes tacky. They’re trying tequila-tasting tonight.

Unapologetic Ukranian uprising undermines UGA’s unicorn upbringing

Very vocal volunteers vanished via van.

Waugh wishes Willy Wonka wedded Whalen

X-pect x-pretice x-specially x-tinguishing x’s

Yo Yo Yogurt yummiest yearly yogurt

Zippity Zoo-Zaw, Zimmerman’s Zout

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