Student Kicked Out For Playing Pokémon GO in Class

Pokemon GO Story


Professor Paul Craven Reppin’ Team Mystic With His Unstoppable Goldeen

Before the first day of classes was even over, Simpson Senior Nate Jones had been kicked out of HISTORY-373.

On second floor Wallace, Jones had sat in the back corner of the classroom, furthest from the professor, determined to get as many PokéSpins as possible.

Every five minutes, Jones would wait until Professor Sasser wasn’t looking, pull out his phone and grab as many PokéBalls, Potions, Razzberries and Revives as possible.

Prior to his lecture, Professor Daryl Sasser had been tipped off about the Wallace PokéStop by Professor Craven (aka level 17 ProfCraven who regularly takes over Buxton Park Gym between his classes).
Professors Sasser and Craven put together a most evil scheme to catch students distracted during class by dropping a lure on the PokéStop.

Weedles, Pidgeys and Rattatas passed, but the true test came at 1:17pm when Nate’s phone vibrated… indicating a Pikachu had spawned.

Professor Sasser, who had the game open on his podium, knew it was the prime opportunity to catch his Pokémon-playing victims.

Sasser stopped his lecture and stared intently across the 17 individuals in class… watching for any under-the-table swiping.

Five intense minutes passed.

But Jones, who was one Pikachu away from a Raichu, could not resist.

He grabbed his phone and with his best attempt to cover up his actions with the syllabus that had been handed out at the beginning of class.

But he could not DODGE the Sasser’s Pidgeot-like vision.

Sasser exclaimed, “Jones! Out!”

Jones, who knew he had been busted, lifted his phone, threw a curveball with an UltraBall and hit the Pikachu dead center with an “Excellent” throw.

One, Two, Three.

The Pikachu was caught.

Jones walked out of the classroom and Breakfast Club-style threw his fist into the air as classmates cheered him on.

“It was totally worth it,” Jones exclaimed while being interviewed by “the Acorn.”

His parents on the other hand, were not impressed…

Story Coverage By: Simpson Alum & Acorn Co-Founder Nick Hermon

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