Pizza ATM to be Installed at Simpson College

PIzza Graphic

SIMPSON — It’s official: Simpson College is set to become the second college in the nation to own a Pizza ATM.

Plans to order one of the state-of-the-art pizza dispensers quickly solidified after Xavier University unveiled the installation of their own machine, a move that has garnered widespread praise from colleges and students around the nation.

Mindy Murphy, general manager of Simpson’s dining services, issued a statement regarding the purchase of the Pizza ATM, saying: “College students love pizza, and what better way is there to give it to them?  Now, students will have access to high-quality pizzas right here on campus, instead of having to run clear to Casey’s for their pizza fix.  Plus, the machine will pay for itself in no time.”

She stated that, as with Xavier’s machine, each 12-inch pizza from the ATM will cost between $9 and $10 depending on which toppings students choose.  The machine will accept cash, debit, and credit.

As to be expected, the decision has been met with resounding approval from both students and faculty members.

When asked about how the ATM will affect student enrollment, Simpson’s Director of Admissions, Ali Swanson said, “I’m sure it will help broaden Simpson’s appeal even more, and will make us much more competitive with other small, liberal arts schools here in Iowa.”

Swanson’s prediction has already proven truthful.

Tom A. Tosauce, a transferring sophomore from Central College, commented to our reporters: “When I heard that Simpson was getting a Pizza ATM, I knew I made the right choice to transfer.  Having hot pizza on-demand is going to make for a much better college experience than I had last year.”

The ATM will be located in the atrium of the Kent Campus Center, replacing the regular ATM by the elevator. Installation is scheduled for August 26th, with President Jay Simmons and Mindy Murphy overseeing the event.  Simmons has already requested he be the first to place an order.

By Paul Randalson

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