Lil’ Dicky Draws Large Crowd Saturday Night in Successful End-of-Year Concert

lil dicky

SIMPSON — Rapper Lil Dicky did not disappoint his Simpson fans over the weekend.

Lil Dicky’s concert in the Black Box Theatre, which took place Saturday from 8-11pm, was met with resounding praise from Simpson students and members of the Indianola community.

His opening act, the Great, Underappreciated Lovable Losers In Band League Excellence (GULLIBLE) did a commendable job of creating a strong sense of anticipation among the audience members before Lil Dicky himself took the stage.

Once onstage, Lil Dicky instantly clicked with the crowd, showing off his exuberant and quirky Personality.  He performed many songs off his debut album released last summer, including his hit singles, “$ave Dat Money.” “Pillow Talk” and “Lemme Freak.”

“I love, love, love, love Lil’ Dicky’s ‘Pillow Talk!'” exclaimed Kelsey Schott, president of CAB, as she clutched an autographed photo from the concert. “Lil Dicky is sooooooooooooooooooo dreamy!”

Acorn field reporters even spotted several guests from the wedding reception, (which was being held in Hubbell Hall that same evening), trying to sneak into Black Box to catch a glimpse of Lil Dicky before he wrapped up the show.

“Who Knew having a Professional Rapper on campus would draw such a huge crowd?  The place was packed!” exclaimed Rich Ramos, CAB’s staff adviser. We might have depleted the rest of CAB’s funding for the year, but… ya know… oh well.”

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