Okupada Takes Over President Simmons’ Home

Okupada Story

SIMPSON – President Jay Simmons was surprised to come home after a long day of work at Simpson to find crazed college students showering in his garden. In his kitchen, Simmons found his wife, Jenne, attempting to fend off the squatters trying to sell everything but the kitchen sink…and Koka-Kola.

Grabbing his wife, Simmons made his way towards the bedroom where they found more Simpson students taking a class on Dragqueenismo. Simmons was fed up with these students and demanded to know what was happening.

“We mistakenly thought the house had been abandoned since Simmons hadn’t been home all day,” said Jaycie Eaton, a freshman student at Simpson. “Myself and other students from the Social Movements in Spanish Culture class just wanted to breathe life back into the dying house and provide classes and a sense of community for the surrounding area.”

Other students explained that there were quite a few workshops, taught by Taia Veren, Emily Schwickerath, Sydney Samples, and Elizabeth Boyer, also happening in the house.

In the bathroom, Veren and Boyer were teaching a scuba diving class to prepare students for their tropical May Terms.

Samples and Schwickerath were to be found in the backyard introducing students to aerodynamics through the flying of kites.

Meanwhile, Eaton was leading a fiery Zumba class to encourage physical health among students trying to lose their freshman fifteen.

After hearing about the great values of the movement including freedom, inclusion and the exploration of new activities, Simmons found himself supporting the cause of Okupas. However, he determined that the location should be moved to the Simpson campus from April 6th – 8th so that the students could provide educational classes on campus and he could enjoy his possum stew in relative peace at home.

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