Top 9 Spring Break Destination Spots

  1. Panama City Beach- PCB!!! Not only is PCB super relaxing, it’s also incredibly safe. This spring break destination is fun for the whole family! Close to the beach, surrounded by tourists, and there’s lots of alcohol!1 - Spring Break Story
  2. New Zealand- Looking for an extravagant trip? Have thousands of dollars lying around the house? Why not go to New Zealand?! It comes with surfing, fresh seafood, and funny accents!2 - Spring Break Story
  3. Montana- The best part about Montana is that you get to create your own fun! There’s not a whole lot to do. It’s the perfect place to climb a mountain and be all by yourself for a whole week with no one to talk to expect the squirrels. How relaxing!3 - Spring Break Story
  4. Detroit- “Which one?” you ask? That’s up to you to decide.4 - Spring Break Story
  5. Walmart- Have you ever dreamed of being featured on the “People of Walmart” website? Now’s your chance! Spending one WHOLE WEEK in Walmart is a sure-fire way to become their next top story!5 - Spring Break Story
  6. Bermuda Triangle- Want to leave for spring break and never come back? Buy a one way ticket to the Bahamas and get lost while discovering yourself.6 - Spring Break Story
  7. Iraq- As a resident on the United States, it’s likely you’ve never experienced living in a country surrounded and embroiled in war. Traveling to Iraq provides such a rich learning opportunity! The diversity, the culture, the people, THE FOOD!
    What could go wrong?7 - Spring Break Story
  8. Springfield- As a proud Simpson student, we should all make the trek out to Springfield, home of The Simpsons, to see where we really got our start.
    It’s time to reconnect with our roots!8 - Spring Break Story
  9. Hogwarts- We’ve all dreamed of getting a Hogwarts acceptance letter. For Spring Break, Simpson is sponsoring a trip to Hogwarts in order to prep for their “Magic, Mythology and More!” summer camp which features a class in Hogwarts Ethics. Remember to take pictures, cuz’ no one’s gonna believe ya.9 - Spring Break Story

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