Simpson Senior Finally Claims Spot in Barker Lot, Gets Parking Ticket

Beadle Glad

SIMPSON — After being forced to park in the Goodwill lot throughout her freshman year, senior Sarah Beadle finally accomplished her dream of nabbing a Barker parking spot yesterday.

“It was surreal.  When I saw the open space, I actually didn’t believe it at first,” said a visibly ecstatic Beadle. “I was so distracted, I almost ran over a student crossing the street from the apartments.”

After performing an impressive and highly illegal U-turn on Buxton Street, she slid her vehicle into the miraculously open parking spot.

“Take that ya stupid first-years!” Beadle remembers shouting into her dashboard.  “See what happens when you leave a spot open when I’m around!”

Unfortunately for her, campus security also saw what happened.  Later that day, when Beadle returned to admire her accomplishment, she found a ticket placed on her windshield.

The message on the ticket crushed Beadle’s high spirits: “Only freshmen students may park in this lot.  Seniors must park in their designated lots.  You should know this by now!”

The note struck a chord.

At press time, our reporters were consoling the weeping senior, as the ticket forced her to accept her imminent graduation and inevitable entrance into the “real world.”

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