Lightweight Freshmen Used as Kites During Gusty Day, New Simpson Tradition Begins


SIMPSON— Wind gusts up to 120mph hit campus today which has light-weight students shaking in their boots (or shoes… we don’t discriminate).

Many first-years who haven’t hit the “Freshman 15” yet skipped classes as they deemed it “too windy to walk.”

A few innovative students used the “Buddy System” where they literally latched on to one another to keep from floating away.

One Freshman, Olivia Pellegrino, wasn’t so lucky.

“I knew it was windy out, but I was hungry and thought I could make it to Kent” Pellegrino said.

Pellegrino tied a rope around her waist and ran as fast as her short legs could carry.

But the wind was too strong.

Fellow classmate, Bailey Timm saw Pellegrino take off like a Boeing 747 and grabbed on to the back of the rope.

As Pellegrino rose to an elevation of 50 feet, Timm recognized he had the prime opportunity to take advantage of Pellegrino’s unfortunate situation.

“He held me up there for an hour!” Pellegrino exclaimed as she brushed her wildly windblown hair out from her eyes.

Simpson College has now declared February 19th the first annual “Lightweight Flying of the First-Years.”

Early predictions show it will become an instant “Simpson Tradition” and bring in as many tourists as the Indianola National Balloon Classic.

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