Top 10 Uses for Your Extra Red Solo Cups

Going Green by Using Red
by Tom Miller

Simpson College fraternity houses are going green by finding new ways to recycle their large surpluses of plastic red solo cups.  Here are the top 10 ways extra plastic cups are being used along fraternity row.

1. Pen/Pencil Storage

Red Cup 8

Looking for a handy and organized desktop location to store your pens and pencils?  Look no further than this high tech storage device that can hold any writing utensils you may have.

2. Pot for a Plant

Red Cup 7

Want to brighten your dorm room with some oxygen providing plant life?  Fill an extra plastic cup with potting soil to keep any type of plant alive for years!

3. Speakers

Red Cup 6

Need a cheap alternative to expensive speakers to get the music pumpin’?  Just cut a small slit in an extra plastic cup and slide your phone right in!  You’ll be amazed by the sound amplification!

4. The Cup Song

Red Cup 5

Looking for something to fill all of your spare time or to entertain guests?  Take a spare plastic cup and practice the famous cup song!  You will be amazed at just how quickly your boring down time will fly by!

5. Cup Phones

Red Cup 4

Want to call up some friends or loved ones and can’t find a phone?  With just two cups and some string create a sophisticated communication system that allows you to talk to anybody, even if you don’t have their number!
(WARNING: not to be used for long distance calls)

6. Bowling

Red Cup 2

Want to practice your game and don’t have a favorite local bowling alley to visit?  Create your own with just 10 plastic cups! (bowling ball not included)

7. Speed Cup Stacking

Red Cup 3

If you’ve finished learning the cup song and are looking for yet another time filling activity, try cup stacking!  The world of competitive cup stacking has really taken off in the last few years.  Keep up with the professionals by practicing in your dorm room! All it takes is 10 extra plastic cups!

8. Shuffleboard

Red Cup 2

Getting tired of Simpson College lacking the shuffleboard league it so desperately deserves?  Practice up and create your own club!  These plastic cups are a great cheap alternative to the otherwise expensive equipment that you would need!

9. Ping Pong Ball Storage

Red Cup 1

Do you not only have extra plastic cups, but also a surplus of ping pong balls?  Don’t let those extra ping pong balls remain scattered across your room!  Not only will a plastic cup contain these ping pong balls, but it will also allow for easy retrieval when it’s time to play a game of ping pong.

10. Decorative Table Triangle

Red Cup 2

Do you have table or desk space that’s just too empty and aesthetically displeasing?  Enhance these areas with a beautiful decorative table triangle!  These triangles are easy to assemble using 10 plastic cups, and will be the spotlight attraction of the otherwise unused space!

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