Sexual Assault is No Laughing Matter, Make a Statement and Join SARA

SARA Photo for Acorn

(Straight Talk – No Satire)

When it comes to satirizing the news at “the Acorn” it often seems that nothing is sacred or beyond our comedic reach. However, there is one topic that we have never found to be a laughing matter: sexual assault.

Sexual assault impacts 1-out-of-5 women and 1-out-of-16 men on college campuses across the nation every year. And of those sexual assaults, around 90% are never reported to campus officials or the police.

At Simpson, we are extremely lucky to have SARA (Sexual Assault Response Advocates) available to assist and provide support for victims of sexual assault. In addition, SARA works tirelessly to educate the campus community about sexual assault, dating violence, sexual harassment and proper consent.

Currently, SARA is seeking between 5 and 8 new members to take part in their laudable on-campus efforts and activities. These positions are open to both men and women and training, if selected, consists of 30 hours of education focusing on various topics associated with sexual assault.

Applications are due Monday, January 25, at 4:00 in the Student Development offices. To learn more and get the form for applying, we encourage you to follow this link: .

If your application passes muster in the review process, you’ll be contacted for an individual interview. Any other questions you may have can be directed towards Ellie Olson at 515-961-1556 or simply talk to any SARA member you know.

Remember, sexual assault is no laughing matter and it’s up to us as a community to make sure Simpson is a safe space for all students. So please, apply for SARA and help us make a difference.

By Robert Lyons
(on behalf of the Acorn)

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