Freshmen Plot to Steal Kent Center Christmas Tree

Xmas Tree Decorating

SIMPSON — Upon returning from a not-long-enough Thanksgiving break, many freshmen students proved themselves eager to get into the holiday spirit by decking their dorms out with classic Christmas decorations, such as wreaths, lights, bells, Christmas stockings and fake snow (as if real snow outside wasn’t already enough…)

Some of the more festive students even brought real-live evergreen Christmas trees with them and managed to smuggle them into their dorms.  Indeed, many students walking outside have noticed silhouettes of Christmas trees in the windows of both Kresge and Barker residence halls.  Many of the trees are already loaded up with ornaments, lights, and a star on top.

“Having my Christmas tree in my room makes me so excited for the holidays,” commented freshmen Danielle Bates.  “Christmas décor brightens up everything.  I don’t see how anyone would have a problem with it.”

Unfortunately, some people do have problems with the decorations.  Dorm CAs have reported complaints from cleaning staff of fallen evergreen bristles, twigs and even small branches littering the hallways.

So many freshmen have gotten into the decorating spirit that rumors have spread about a plot by residents of Kresge and Barker to steal the big Christmas tree currently in the Kent Campus Center and install it in one of the two dorm lounges.  As can be expected, residents from both halls are keen to claim the tree for their own and thus make their lounge exponentially better than the other for the holiday season.

Although a rumor at best, campus security has nonetheless ramped up its presence in Kent, with personnel now on 24/7 tree-watch duty.

We at the Acorn are eager to hear further developments regarding the matter, and will be sure to keep you all posted as to whether or not Kresge, Barker or the security staff prevails.

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