14 MUCH BETTER Ways You Know You’re Absolutely Done With This Semester

When it comes to humorous observations and sublime satire about life at Simpson College, the Acorn is your one stop shop. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to help you all understand and recognize the symptoms of being absolutely done with this semester. And remember, when it comes to your local satire and humor, never settle for less than “the Acorn!”


1) You feel as if you’ve developed personal friendships with the campus squirrels and are considering moving in with them to avoid responsibilities.



2) You park somewhere with the knowledge that you will receive a parking ticket, but you don’t care cause you’re too lazy to walk a few blocks.

Parking Tix


3) You know that man cannot live on Easy Mac alone, but gosh darn it you’ve got to try.

giphy (1)


4) You’ve made extensive pro and con arguments regarding getting drunk at the bar on a Tuesday night.

giphy (2)


5) You’ve followed the pro arguments.

giphy (3)


6) You’re so tired that you no longer hear your alarms, but you need to stay up till 3 am to read Twitter.

giphy (4)


7) You ran out of febreeze for your clothes before you ran out of laundry detergent because your laziness is unparalleled.

giphy (5)


8) You recently saw your “first day of school” pic and wanted to punch the smarmy mouthed, over eager little twit you were right in the gosh darn smile.

giphy (6)


9) You’ve debated stepping on the seal to have something besides your piss poor study habits to blame for your miserable grade.



10) Your desk has more wine bottles than text books.



11) You’ll complain about an assignment exponentially longer than it actually takes to write it.

giphy (7)


12) You’ve started to think the rusty maple statue is actually kind of pretty.



13) You’ve googled various contagious illnesses to tell your professors you have so you can avoid class.

giphy (8)


14) Your campus newspaper can’t even write real news.

Simp Snip

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