A Nightmare on C Street – Haunted Tours

Nightmare on C Street


Megan and Molly here from Simpson’s Late Night Tour Scouts Program. With Halloween approaching, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of humans, faceless old women who secretly live in your house, and incorporeal energy beings requesting tours of our lovely campus. To accommodate this, we’re opening up a special Saturday night slot to go along with your Halloween night plans.

After all, who doesn’t want to see Unholy Grounds, Millie the Study Abroad UUGA (undead undergraduate assistant), the ghosts on C Street Past (and present, and maybe even future!), and of course, our lovely zombie hordes before a night of reading, silence, and staring into the void?

Now, we know you might be concerned because our last Halloween tour ended in a giant ball of fiery light. But, we’re happy to tell you that all of the people on the tour and our lovely tour guide intern Dana are enjoying a happy vacation in Alt-verse Cuba! No problems here!

Also, we’ve heard nasty rumors that our Tour Scouts program is affiliated with that garbage podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. Ugh. Anyone who believes that should go to Central. Sheesh.

And as we said, you should NOT be concerned about the safety of the tour. But, if on the off chance you have any fully charged bloodstones, you should maybe, probably, definitely bring them along.

We look forward to enlightening both your physical mind and aura on our tour this Halloween at 8:00pm. Remember, all tours start at the steps of College Hall by the seal and end, sadly, just like the rest of us.

-Megan and Molly

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