First-Year Biology Major Still Extremely Confused by Male Pregnancy in “Marisol”

2015-10-19_13-10-03SIMPSON – Theatre Simpson put on its bizarre production of “Marisol” this past weekend and one student attendee left the show on Saturday more confused than when he had entered.
“A man cannot get pregnant!” exclaimed a still visibly shaken Steven Smarts, a first-year biology major at Simpson. “Such a phenomenon is an abomination of the natural order!”
Toward the end of “Marisol,” Lenny, as played by Brandon Herring, becomes pregnant with the child of main heroine Marisol, as played by Suzie Dunya, simply by thinking too much about her.
Indeed, Smarts seemed unfazed by the other bizarre and disconcerting events of “Marisol” including the war between God and the angels, the reappearance of Nazis setting homeless people on fire and multiple occasions of death by bludgeoning with a golf club.
“I don’t care about all of that other stuff,” said Smarts as he comfortingly read and re-read the section on anatomy in his biology textbook. “But this is almost too much for my poor organic brain to comprehend!”
Herring openly mocked Smarts and his inability to grasp the symbolism of the male pregnancy in the context of “Marisol” and its post-apocalyptic Bronx setting.
“We at Theatre Simpson operate at a higher cognitive level than lesser, more scientific minds,” said Herring as he practiced yet another theatrical bow in the safe confines of his room. “We don’t need to explain ourselves, because more enlightened minds will understand our symbolism.”
However, Assistant Director Bill Hitt admitted that even he didn’t really get “the whole pregnancy thing.”

By Lionel Robertson

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