10 Tips For Freshmen

CollegeHallYour first year of college awaits… how exciting! There’s so much to do! The parents aren’t around, you have no curfew and you have a new roommate…multiple if you’re really lucky.
Getting to know each other can be a bit awkward, unless you chose to live together. Here are some tips and tricks to help relieve some of that awkwardness and be the best roommate you can be.
1) First off, go to events with your roommate because, right now, they are literally the only person you know.

2) Tell them about your “My Little Pony” collection. Your roommate will find it eventually. And no… your closet is not a good place to hide it.  


3) Come into the room at odd hours and turn on all the lights. 2:00 AM? No problem!


4) Eat your roommate’s food without asking and leave the leftovers out for them to clean up… it was their food after all.


Now that you and your roommate are “besties for the resties” here are some ways to fit in and feel more comfortable on campus

5) Wear your old high school t-shirts. ALWAYS.

6) Make sure to have your lanyard and Simpson I.D. securely wrapped around your neck at all times.

7) Make sure to say “Hi” to the homeless guy in Barker basement and if you’re ever up for a good swim, be sure check out Kresge’s basement after a rainstorm.


8) Mention your connections to other IIAC schools… especially Central College.

9) Don’t worry, your clothing and laundry supplies are always safe, even when you leave them in the laundry room for hours on end.


10) It’s ok to step on the seal.

Follow our advice and your first year at Simpson will be a piece of cake! But all jokes aside…have a great year and remember to stay nutty!
Welcome to Simpco!

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