Culver Center to Host Pie Eating Contest at Simpson Fair Booth


Des Moines – The Iowa State Fair’s newest event isn’t another butter sculpture unveiling or a performance by a different 80s band past their prime. Indeed, the new event, “Pies for Presidents,” combines the two things that people love coming to the fair for… 1) Food and 2) Watching presidential candidates make fools of themselves.

“Pies for Presidents” was the brainchild of Seth Anderson, the Director of the John C. Culver Public Policy Center at Simpson College. The Culver Center is known statewide for hosting Senate and House debates and political speakers. This event seemed like a natural extension of their event roster.

“We’ve received great feedback from our donors so far which has been very encouraging,” said Anderson. “Every candidate from both parties is going to be there and Governor Christie actually requested that we put extra cherries in his pies!”

(**Not all candidates were able to fit in our picture due to the unbelievably large amount running this year**)

Culver Center Fellows will staff the soon-to-be famous “Pies for Presidents” pie eating contest at Simpson College’s booth in the Varied Industries Building at 3:00pm this Sunday. Student staff members are excited by the opportunity this presents for their fellow students and the nation to learn more about their presidential candidates.

“It will be great to see candidates eating food at the fair that isn’t on a stick for once,” said Emily Ortiz, a fellow with the Culver. “In keeping with State Fair regulations, all of our pies will be deep fried and as caloric as possible.”

This event will be the first to bring candidates from both sides of the aisle into face-to-face competition. Republican frontrunner and acclaimed hair icon, Donald Trump, is expected to make great strides toward victory. Simpson Political Science professor, Dr. Kedron Bardwell, cautions against underestimating the other candidates though.

“This competition is a real chance for the underdog candidates to break through in the polls,” Bardwell explained. “While many of these candidates have little political clout, that says nothing about their potential to win over the hearts and minds of Iowa residents by packing away highly caloric desserts. Iowans respect people who truly know how to “State Fair,” and this competition will let the candidates prove that they have what it takes.”

Zach Goodrich, another Fellow with the Culver Center is greatly excited for the “Pies for Presidents” contest. “I’m so grateful for the Culver Center – there’s absolutely nothing like it,” he said.

When asked who has his vote, Goodrich laughed and said that his opinion would have to be formed after the competition but before he was done digesting his own pie.

By Molly Monk & Robert Lyons

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