Simpson Has A Radio Station! And A New Station Director


The Acorn is shocked to discover that Simpson has a radio station on campus headed by Erich Bogner.

The station was first discovered by Simpson sophomore Dre DeeJay late last week while he impatiently waited for some friends in the Buxton/Picken parking lot.

“I was really bored so I decided to set the radio to scan,” said DeeJay. “That’s when it stopped on 88.9 and I heard the announcer say ‘Welcome back to KSTM at Simpson College.’ Dude, I thought I was tripping!”

But DeeJay was not tripping. After notifying “The Acorn” of his discovery, Acorn reporters tracked down the radio signal to the Gaumer Building (on the remote outskirts of campus past Goodwill).

Inside the building were faint sounds of crappy alternative rock music from the early 2000’s. And in the back of the building was a dark radio studio with lava lamp and Erich Bogner.

Bogner, a Simpson sophomore and a longtime (undercover) contributor to “The Acorn,” revealed that he entered the abandoned and most likely haunted studio of 88.9 The Storm a few weeks ago. Upon his arrival, he was initiated by Professor Siebert into the ways of radio and delegated the task of becoming the station’s new director.

Bogner, however, has a steep, uphill battle ahead of him. Working with an outdated music library, a shortwave radio signal that reaches only to the borders of Warren County and a website that does not appear to have been updated since 2012, Bogner plans to do a lot with a little.

The station also has online streaming; however, finding the link is harder than spotting Waldo or catching Carmen Sandiego. After hours of intense searching and a combination of online resources from Russia, the US and Sudan, “The Acorn” has tracked down the link and has provided it HERE for your enjoyment.

Current statistics indicate that KSTM is most popular among the following demographics: detainees at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, people with broken radios and any radio stars not already killed by video.

By: Lionel Robertson

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