$1.8 Million Donated To Simpson Golf By Masters Winner

2015-04-14_17-20-59In cased you missed it this past weekend, Jordan Spieth, 21, won The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, setting a new course record of -19 under par and most birdies ever at The Masters.

Spieth secured not only his first green jacket, but also scored a nice $1.8 Million check. When Spieth was asked what this win means to him he said, “It means a great deal to my family and I, but I have no idea what I am going to wear this green jacket with.”

An issue that many golfers have after they win The Masters is deciding what to do with the green jacket. Imagine how Jack Nicklaus feels having 6 of those hanging in his closet.

Spieth wanted to give his winnings to golfers but wanted it to be fair. One night, at a sports bar, Spieth was playing darts and completely missed the board hitting a map hanging on a nearby wall. (I know what you’re thinking; Good thing Spieth chose golf because darts doesn’t sound like his cup of tea.)

Despite his horrific darts skills, Spieth noticed the dart had landed on the small town of Indianola, Iowa. He also happened to notice that there was a college there and decided to look them up. He found out that Simpson College had a golf team and the deal was done.

When Spieth announced that he was giving his $1.8 million prize money to Simpson College Golfers for their tuition, students began quitting sports, band, and even the newspaper just to join the golf team. Admissions also received more requests to transfer in than Simpson has ever had in the history of the college.

Sports at the institution are very inclusive and very few athletes, if any, get cut from teams. That being said, every student at Simpson is now on the golf team.

When they realized that $1.8 Million divided among 1400 students only gives an individual about $1300, students came to the shocking realization that they will still have debt after college and better continue looking for a job.

Story By: Mac Ziller

Twitter – @ziller81

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Categories: Features, News, Sports


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