Simpson College Nears Decision On New Mascot


SIMPSON – Simpson College is nearing a decision on a new mascot! Student protests and alumni rants for a new mascot are no longer being ignored by the administration.

Administrators are equally split between Mr. Simpson the Goat, Storm Cat, Storm Fox, Stormy the Squirrel, Zeus, and Storm E. Night, the weatherman.

It is the opinion of Simpson students that the mascot needs to have a face too it. We no longer want to be seen as the “puffy cloud” college. We, as students, want something fierce and intimidating.

President Simmons seems to be leaning towards Mr. Simpson the Goat.

“Mr. Simpson the Goat can ‘baaaaaaaaaa’ away all the competition and help lead Simpson athletics to victory,” said Simmons.

By: Chelsea Hamerlinck

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