Nostalgia Dance Actually Takes You Back in Time

11068805_972937842731256_853104752_nThey somehow did it, though reporters at “The Acorn” aren’t sure how they did it. The organizers for the Nostalgia Dance have somehow managed to literally turn back time. For Friday’s dance, organizers built a time machine that will take students back to the 1940s.

Students will get to dance to jazz played by such greats such as: Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Dizzy Gillespie. Student ambassadors will be present at the dance to help students understand what the 1940s were really like for a Simpson student.

“The Nostalgia Dance can really help students appreciate the influence of the 1940s. It’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these jazz musicians, since in our time, they’re dead,” said Dr. Dave Camwell. “Just don’t become your own grandparent.”

In order to attend the Nostalgia Dance, students must be dressed in era-appropriate clothing. Students will enter Great Hall and jump through the giant time portal located on the second floor. Students are warned that if they do not return through the time portal before midnight, then they will be stuck in 1940s with no chance of return to the present.

By: Heaven Perez

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