Simpson Student Missing His Pet Squirrel


St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday that is full of magic and gold! But unfortunately one Simpson student lost his green pet squirrel yesterday. Patty O’Malley, a sophomore, says he misses his squirrel Lucky and wants him back as soon as possible. Lucky is his ride to every class after all.

Lucky was last seen being chased across campus by fellow Simpson students and O’Malley fears the worst.

“Lucky better not show them me pot-o-gold…err me bank account information” said O’Malley who seemed nervous about the whole ordeal.

O’Malley came to Simpson after seeing how diverse the college was and after hearing of the promise of a job after college which could help him “acquire more gold….err, I mean….money.”

But without Lucky, getting to class seems near impossible for O’Malley due to his short legs that were deemed “too short for class-to-class use,” said Megan Pilcher, Athletic Trainer at Simpson College.

If you see or find Lucky please email O’Malley at or you can find him after a light rain in the Over-the-Rainbow apartments. The reward for finding Lucky is a box of Lucky Charms and a pot of gold.

By: Stevie Frank

(Steph Woodruff)

Twitter: @Stephfrancis13

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