What We Say We Did Over Spring Break… ACTUALLY means



What actually happened: I literally did nothing… or I went on a cruise, met some hot babes, Sat next to Jennifer Lawrence on the flight out, tanned on white sand beaches and got 4 hot girls’ phone numbers.

“I slept all break”

What actually happened: I literally slept the entire break.

“I watched Netflix”

What actually happened: I binge watched Orange is the New Black and the Walking Dead, and only got up to pee and get food, unless my mom was home, then she brought me food.

“I went on a road trip with my 4 BFFS”

What actually happened: I rode in the car for 18 hours with my friends, we rocked out to music, sang, and took naps. Got a horrible deal at the hotel, fought, went to the beach, got sun burnt, stayed for 2 more days, Spent more time with my phone posting photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook than I did with my friends, fought again, drove, argued and slept for 18 more miserable hours to get home.

“I worked”

What actually happened: I need money… or my parents cut me off.

“I went on a cruise”

What actually happened: I woke up at 3 am to fly to Florida, only to end up in a really rainy Florida, ate a lot of food, got a sunglasses tan line, and saw way to many fat men in Speedos.

“I went home”

What actually happened: I am no longer a part of my parents schedule so I sat at home all day and ate a lot of fast food… or I was lucky and my friends colleges also had spring break this week so I hung out with my old high school friends.

“I was sick”

What actually happened: I was sick… or I stayed out way too late and woke up way too hung-over…every single day.

“I ate food”

What actually happened: I didn’t have to eat Pfeifer, Tyler’s, or ABP… heck yes!

“I played video games”

What actually happened: I pwned 12yr old noobs like it was my day job… my parents were not impressed

“I had to stay on campus for practice”

What actually happened: I ran through the halls naked, did all the laundry that I have accumulated since January, and tried to survive the Simpson Purge

By: Kayley Zimmerman

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