The Gentle Giant of Simpson College- Cort Singleton


Meet Cort Singleton. Simpson’s gentle giant who stands 8’5″`.

Simpson is reaching new heights in effort to increase diversity in student population.

Cort, however, deals with daily struggles that us normal student’s don’t normally have to face such as fitting in dorm beds and hitting the shower head.

Despite all this, he is probably the nicest person above 6′ that you’ll ever encounter.

“Umm, nothing really makes me angry. I hate when I have meetings and can’t read to blind cuz all I can think about is their poor desperate faces lost in the dark.”

In his spare time, Cort also sings to the squirrels on our campus. Citing them as lonely creatures who need care.


Cort is often so happy and cheery he brings joy to even the most depressing people.

(Cort! It’s Cort!)

We asked the giant what all makes him happy.

“Pretty much everything. I mean, flowers and cupcakes and rainbows and, oh, Dora The Explorer. She’s pretty fun. And, oh, those girl scout cookies. They fill me right up with happiness. Oh excuse me, sorry…”


Lo and behold, he gave us a product of his happiness.

This gentle giant is just too nice and we’re happy to report stories that are uplifting.

It certainly lifted me up.

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