Simpson to Add New Fraternity to the Campus

Nu Upsilon Tau (NUT) Composite

Nu Upsilon Tau (NUT) Composite

Simpson Greek Life is proud to announce the addition of a brand new fraternity on campus. The Organization known as Nu Upsilon Tau (NUT) is the first local fraternity of its kind due to the fact that it was formed as the first ever human/ squirrel fraternity.
    When Robert Lyons, Keeper of Acorns for NUT, was asked about the forming of the organization, he had this to say: “Simpson is a progressive campus and it just makes sense that we would initiate more cooperation with our bushy tailed brethren who share our wonderful campus”.2015-02-05_12-52-57
    When approached with the idea of forming a bi-species fraternity, many of Simpson’s brightest and most gifted squirrels took the chance to join the ranks of the Greeks on campus. The addition of Nu Upsilon Tau to Simpson’s Inter-Fraternal Council has been met with great enthusiasm from the already existing houses.
    Scott Henry, a member of Kappa Theta Psi, was very impressed with NUT’s leadership and organization. “I met with some of the furry members of Nu Upsilon Tau and I can honestly say I have never seen such excellent communication from just looking at me like the officers of NUT could do.”
    The Grand Climber Seymour, leader of Nu Upsilon Tau, was unable to comment on the momentous occasion due to the fact that he had found a really nice tree to climb during the interview. School officials state that a new house will be added to the row on the far side of Lambda Chi Alpha that is comprised of both trees and concrete in order to appease both species of the new house.

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