Student earns Bachelor’s Degree in history on Trivia Crack


On Monday Simpson College junior Paul Safford became the first student in the history of the world to be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree because of his proficiency and excellence in a mobile game.

Safford, a history major, spent close to 120 hours on the popular mobile app Trivia Crack over Christmas Break. During the course of his play on the app, Safford soon showed an expertise in the category of history where he earned a multitude of honors.

“I knew when I earned the Knight Achievement for over 500 correct answers in the history category that I had accomplished something truly special,” said Safford. “I felt that my feat needed to be academically recognized by the college.”

Upon returning to Simpson on Jan. 12, Safford reached out to Steve Griffith, the dean of academics at Simpson, to see what could be done about his impressive academic accomplishment. Griffith reviewed Safford’s Trivia Crack scores and to Safford’s surprise, immediately began the process of awarding him a Bachelor’s Degree in history.

“I was absolutely shocked,” said Safford. “Not only am I going to save a ton of money, but now I can start my rap career even earlier than expected!”

The awarding of Safford’s Bachelor’s Degree is going to be the first of many degrees granted for mobile app proficiency and excellence at Simpson College. Griffith and other administrators of the college were intrigued by the possibility of making such a novel concept a permanent service offered by the college.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Griffith announced the creation of the Simpson College Advanced Placement Program (or A.P.P. for short) Initiative. The A.P.P. Initiative will allow students to earn degrees from Simpson based on their mastery of subject material within mobile games.

“Students will be required to attend Simpson for one year of regular classes to really get the Simpson Experience thingy we’re always talking about,” said Griffith. “But after that, the students are free to earn their degrees quickly and cheaply through the playing… I mean the mastering… of mobile games.

Griffith further explained that students could earn not only a history degree from Trivia Crack but also a science, geography, or art degree as well. Students playing Words with Friends could earn a degree in English and other students playing “Cut the Rope” could earn a degree in physics.

“I am firmly of the belief that the A.P.P. Initiative will make Simpson a very competitive higher-learning institution in the 21st century,” said Griffith. “We’re not selling out as a college, but we are going to make a considerable amount of money from this initiative.”

For students who do not wish to be a part of the A.P.P. Initiative and want to earn their degrees the old-fashioned and much harder way, normal classes will still be offered by the college. All faculty and staff of the college are expected to be retained and should be expecting significant raises over the course of the next few years as the A.P.P. Initiative brings a steadily increasing revenue stream into the college.

No comment could be acquired from any member of the campus faculty or staff on the A.P.P. Initiative. Everyone The Acorn reached out to was still in shock and could only splutter incoherently in disbelief during our questioning.

The A.P.P. Initiative will be implemented in the fall of 2015 and only students entering the college as first-years will be eligible for it in the future. All current students will not be eligible for the A.P.P. Initiative unless they can beat Griffith in a game of Trivia Crack. However, The Acorn has it under good authority that the Dean will not play fair.

By Lionel Robertson

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3 Comments on “Student earns Bachelor’s Degree in history on Trivia Crack”

  1. January 20, 2015 at 7:51 am #

    I applaud Mr. Safford. the Dean and the curriculum committee for positioning Simpson College in the vicinity of the Whispering Maples. Students can now get credit for what they actually do in class hiding behind a pile of books.


  2. January 20, 2015 at 7:54 am #

    I congratulate Mr, Safford, the Dean and the curriculum committee for positioning Simpson College in the vicinity of the Whispering Maples. And for a 21st century program that gives students credit for what students actually do in class while hiding behind a pile of books.



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