Ten ways to make a lasting impression on your new professors


  1. Be sure to arrive to class fashionably late. Your new professors will find this very classy and see you as a very important student.
  1. Address your professors by their first names- even if they haven’t given you permission to do so. They will sense that you’re a cool student and want to be your friend.
  1. Better yet; give them a snazzy nickname. For example: Professor Fred Jones could be called “the Fredinator” or “Freddie J!”
  1. Demand their respect by leaving in the middle of class to go to the bathroom. Be sure to make tons of noise when you leave so the other students observe your claim to the “Alpha Male” position.
  1. Ask the professor, “Is this going to be on the test?” after every sentence. This constant engagement in class discussions will make sure your professor remembers you.
  1. Wait until the third day of class to ask if you really need to buy the books on the class syllabus. Your professors will see that you are good with your money and this will make you more adult in their eyes.
  1. Teachers always love a class clown, so be sure to constantly make jokes. Preferably at the professors’ expense so they know you’re a funny person to be around.
  1. If there is pre-assigned reading to do before the first day of class, do NOT do it! It will impress your professor so much that you were able to fake your way through the class discussion, that they will most likely give you an “A” for the entire semester.
  1. Be sure to ask them lots of questions about their personal life. Like “Did you watch American Horror Story last night?” or “How did you feel about the series finale of Breaking Bad?” This interest in your professor’s personal life will make you seem very approachable.
  1. Lastly, be sure to leave your phone’s ringtone on high so your new professor and everyone else will know how popular you are.

By Paige Dorn

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