Students do not remember drinking water at ‘Memory of Water’

2015-04-18_09-57-43Last weekend, Theatre Simpson put on several performances of the play “The Memory of Water” by Shelagh Stephenson. The play is about memory, with little mention of water, and now some controversy involving memory at the performances has come to the theatre department’s attention.

Beverages and snacks were available during intermission at each show. To go with the play’s title, water bottles were for sale with labels that said “Memory of Water guaranteed in every bottle.” Audience members are now lashing out at the theatre department for false advertisement.

Junior Anthony Johnson spoke out about his experience with the production.

“During intermission on Friday night, I remember thinking that I should buy some water at the concession stand since my throat hurt from laughing so much during the first act,” said Johnson. “Later on when I got home, I realized I was holding an empty water bottle. I don’t remember drinking it at all.”

Several other audience members have come forward with stories similar to that of Johnson’s.

“I heard about Anthony’s story of not remembering if he drank water or not and now I suddenly cannot recall what I did during intermission,” said Senior Allie Miller. “I felt really hydrated, but I don’t remember drinking any water that day. It’s really scary.”

The unfortunate situation has been acknowledged by Professor Ann Woldt, the show’s director.

She released a statement on Monday saying, “At theatre Simpson, we strive to offer a unique experience to each person watching the show. I think we achieved that with this production. Our department’s mission statement states that we encourage students to think critically, but these people accusing us of false advertisement are not thinking critically. We just thought it was a cute idea for a water bottle label.”

Sophomore Rachel Farner thinks that the attacks on the theatre department are out of line.

“I’m not sure whether the theatre is to blame, but it’s not going to stop me from seeing Theatre Simpson’s productions,” said Farner. “People need to chill out.”

As of yet, no theatre faculty have reached out to the victims and no action is currently planned. However, this is not the first time a play at Simpson has caused controversy and it won’t be the last.

Part of Theatre Simpson’s mission statement is to “encourage students to participate in a wide range of experiences.” This was definitely a unique experience and students like Farner are thirsty for more from the theatre department.

By: Bill Hitt

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