Homecoming street painting to become permanent art exhibit

street-paintingHalf of the second-year parking lot is being turned into a permanent art exhibit. The artwork, painted by students for homecoming, will be on view for the entirety of the year, raising concerns among students about parking in the second-year area.

“I love art, but I love having a decent parking spot even more!” complained Joe Schmo, a concerned Simpson sophomore. “This campus is so huge, that if I have to park anywhere else it could take 5 MINUTES to get back to my residence hall!”

The decision to retain the artwork over returning the parking spots was reached soon after the judging period ended yesterday afternoon. A phone call from the Des Moines Art Center to the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is said to have triggered the creation of the permanent art exhibit.

“They were offering us several hundred thousand dollars for each painted square on the street, but after we explained to them the concept of street painting they offered to buy that half of the parking lot for several million dollars,” said Ruth Ann Roberts, President of CAB. “We couldn’t in good conscience pass up such a ridiculously awesome offer.”

Following this weekend’s homecoming festivities, ownership of the parking lot will transfer from the college to the Des Moines Art Center to be turned into a permanent exhibit of student craftsmanship and creativity. Unfortunately, as part of the deal, students living on the north sides of Buxton and Picken will have their north-facing windows bricked-over to prevent free viewing of the art exhibit. Entry to the exhibit will cost around $30 for adults and for students will cost, at a discounted rate, $29.98.

No steps, as of yet, have been taken to find alternative parking locations for students affected by the buy-out. Some students have organized in opposition to the move and have co-opted the Simpson slogan for their own protest purposes: “Find your success, but not your parking spot, at Simpson College.” Leaders of both the opposition movement and campus administration were unavailable for comment.

By Lionel Robertson

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